Music Therapy

Ealing Anchor Foundation runs Music Therapy classes, alternate Tuesdays alongside our Play and Support sessions ( booking essential) with Ella our Music Therapist.

If you can’t join us for music therapy, please do check out some of the videos from Lucy, music therapist, below:

Upcoming Sessions
Carrie's Toy Library – July 16, 2024
Carrie's Toy Library – July 17, 2024
Carrie's Toy Library – July 19, 2024

Home Activity Videos

Finish My Phrase
Grand Old Duke
Christmas – Music Therapy
Row Row Row your Boat
London Bridge Game

What is Music Therapy?

  • Music therapy uses music and play to support children’s development and wellbeing
  • 4 key areas: Social communication skills; emotion and behaviour; cognitive skills; motor skills
  • Group music therapy sessions include a combination of structured songs/activities and time for free play and improvised music making

During the sessions, children interact by using a range of instruments which naturally reflects their emotional state, whilst the therapist acknowledges and supports what the child is expressing and supports this with her own music.

Please sign up for our sessions above, or contact us for more information.

Parent Comments

“Please can you thank Lucy so much for the sessions which have been amazing.  I really think it’s fantastic what she does and is very helpful for Tess.  Much appreciated!”

“Laila loved it!  Oh my goodness she couldn’t stop singing that song and doing all the actions.  Lucy is really good. She can sing great and Laila loved the instruments.  She was so engrossed and loved the story too.”

How can music therapy help differently abled children?

Music plays a huge part in most of our lives and can be relaxing, trigger certain feelings and even increase our quality of life.
Music therapy can be a great way of getting your child to move, therefore improving motor coordination and relieving tight muscles.

It can also improve a child’s breathing and pitch and strengthen and reinforce areas of speech, cognitive ability, motor coordination and range of motion.

Singing songs can also increase the ability to learn and memorise.

When a child to be able to fully express themselves, it can be very fulfilling and giving, bringing them a lot of happiness.

If you would like to join the sessions, you can book your session by choosing a date on the top of this page.