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Complex Needs Group

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel our complex needs group sessions at this time due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ealing Anchor Foundation, in cooperation with NHS Ealing have started a new Project to encourage children with more complex medical needs aged 5 years and under to attend EAF.

Our sessions are accessible to children with complex medical needs and provides an extra pair of hands to manage the session in general.

We focus on training some of EAF own staff to deal with medical issues that can arise during the session (i.e. suctioning, facial/mask ventilation, management of nasogastric tubes etc).

We have toys and equipment specifically designed to support and stimulate children with more complex needs. Also, if the journey to the play-session is too long or stressful for the child we will arrange (and pay) for an alternative mode of transport to collect you.

We realise how difficult and stressful it can be for parents of a child with complex medical needs to go out and attend any venue at all and try very hard to support them in any way we can.

Several families who are in this situation attend our sessions and / or trips and parties. At Ealing Anchor Foundation, we do our best to make it an enriching and beneficial experience for both parent/ carer and child (and siblings are always welcome to come).

Regular visits to the play & support sessions gives our parent carers have the opportunity to talk to others facing similar issues and share the experiences, the joys and sorrows involved in caring for their child.